My Creative Process

I  love to write.

I love to jot down  snippets and stories wherever I may be, whatever I might be doing.shutterstock_172002743

I want to entertain others with my stories, and hopefully bring t0 these readers a modicum of joy and fun. but loving to do  it and actually doing it in a manner that it  results in something that is actually meaningful and entertaining to others is a much bigger challenge than it seems.

All writers know this. Most readers just expect it be natural and  effortless.

It is anything but. this page is dedicated to the process that I may go  through when  I sit down and write my stories.  I will  posting to it overtime things that occur to me or things that I deep post-worthy. It is a work in process.  It is a learning process as well.  Everything I write for this, will be a learning experience for me, as I chronical the positives and negatives of my  creative process, such that it is.

And I hope along the way, you  all  will  enjoy  it, and  find something  useful in there too.

1. My Journal

2. Write with the end in mind and the 20,000 word purgatory

3. My Outlining Philosophy.

4. Character Development and Sketching

Blog Tours and interviews:

1. Exploring the Unexplorable. My Writing Process.



  3 comments for “My Creative Process

  1. June 10, 2014 at 4:01 pm

    JP, really enjoyed reading about your creative process! I’ve agreed to be part of a Writing Process Blog Tour and wonder if you might be interested in participating. If so, would you email me so I can give you the particulars?


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