Lurking in the Dark

This wesbsite began as a tribute to Gothic and Dark Fantasy Literature.

It has since evolved into an expedition into all things dark and foreboding.  That is, with specific attention paid to Art stories and literature with Gothic Themes and Dark Fantastic Undertones, both Urban and not.

The Gothic:

The site strives to demonstrate the strange parallels between our regular lives in The Gothic—between our lives and the characteristics/values espoused by Gothic literature. And to advance any discussion of The Gothic [as it relates to literature] that the readers of this blog may wish to take on, or on which I may wish to pontificate. It is my little contribution to extending interest in all things Gothic.  I hope to spend some time with like-minded people talking about Gothic literature, including:

  • Its influence on contemporary fiction
  • Actual readings and reviews of some Gothic writings (though I do not espouse the expertise of one educated in the field)
  • Eventually I hope to accumulate and share reader Gothic (or other) fiction and my own
  • Discussing how we might see or experience The Gothic (such as feelings of the Sublime, or other themes of The Gothic) in our daily existences.


Dark Fantasy:

(Content Pending)


Urban Fantasy:

(Content Pending)



(Content Pending)


I hope that you find the blog interesting, and I please provide me any comments that would improve your experience.



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