Quotes of Aaron the Savior

Quotes of Aaron the Savior from The Crusader:

“Honor is a thing not defined by your actions, but by your survival.  If you survive and— praise to The God—emerge victorious, you may set the standards of Honor yourself”

“Another killing. Another murder. Just another day in the life of a Crusader.”

“My best choice was not girding up in steel and wading honorably into the fray.  My best chance of survival was skulking in the dark, killing without mercy an unprepared enemy.  My best chance was with the Dark Men.”

“Aggressive action won battles did it not?  But move to strike what? Where there should have been an enemy, there was complete blackness.  I saw nothing.  I heard nothing.”

“Perhaps I could gain favor, or treasure, in my travels here.  Another load of shite. Most died in this hole of piss.  Those that didn’t die returned back wealthy in stories of courage and Honor and battle, but little else.”

“I spat into his face—a time tested tradition of defiance.  There was nothing left of which to be afraid.  I was already dead.”

“…My survival being all that was important in the end—or so it was that drove my Crusade thus far.  But something deep inside buckled and railed against this task.  Honor? Duty?  Whatever it was, it was buried under years of neglect.”

“Men (and women) do things in war that they normally wouldn’t do.  They do them even when they know the actions are wrong.  I’d done it a hundred times.  And she was about to do it too.  I could feel it.  I could see it in those ice-blue eyes.”

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