The Crusader


The Crusader is a series of Short Novellas (10,000-40,000 words) about Aaron, a once-idealistic knight on a Crusade.  The story is a Dark Fantasy series set in the dark and fantastical Land of Korannah.  In the series, Aaron must face a series of events that call into question his belief in Honor and his God and the abhorrent nature of war.

I. The Crusader is the first novella in the series.


Aaron, on a Crusade to rid the Holy Land from unbelievers and their sorcerers, must face the truth of the Crusade and decide between losing himself and losing his soul.

This book is the Prelude to The Crusader and sets the stage for the rest of the series.



II.  Blue Eyes at Night is the second novella in the series.

BlueEyesAtNightHaunted by the ghosts and memories of his first foray into war, Aaron returns to the Holy Land trying to find redemption and peace of mind. He is met by more betrayal, murder and new enemies—and ones he once thought dead and buried.





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