Book Review: Five Star Review for “Blue Eyes at Night”


BlueEyesAtNight (2) (663x1024) (414x640)5.0 out of 5 stars This is quality fiction, August 12, 2014

By super antpod

This review is from: Blue Eyes at Night (The Crusader Book 2) (Kindle Edition)

Blue Eyes at Night is about Aaron, a former assassin of the Dark Men. His exploits in the last crusade led to prestige and victory. When he sleeps his guilt of having killed a Nun haunts him, specifically her ice-blue eyes. Soon, Aaron is summoned to join the new crusade; and feeling depraved while at his estate, he acquiesces to the summons and sets out with his knives and travelling gear. When in the Holy Land, he sees a doppelganger of the Nun he killed and feels compelled to start killing immediately.

This is the second book in The Crusader series. I liked the added depth and personal conflicts that characterised Aaron. The world is a carefully constructed fantasy with similar factions and motivations to the crusades but also with various well-thought elements such as sorcery and assassin lore. This is quality fiction and was an improvement in complexity and length, but I wanted more of both. I wanted more scenes, characters, and events to extend it. I really do appreciate the world and the glossary, and would definitely like to read more of the same!

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