Donny Swords Interviews Janet Morris

Read this Great interview on Sacredbander Website by Donny Swords. Janet and Chris Morris–two Great Authors of Great and Dark Fantasy.


Interviews from the Void: Janet Morris

Interviews from the Void: Janet Morris

Greetings, Donny here:

This interview is a dream come true for me. Janet Morris is here to answer some questions from the Void. Janet has been an author since the early 70’s and has inspired many authors with her prolific prose since her first series, “Silistra.” She is infamous for her contributions to “Thieves World” has written novels that live and breathe better than humans do, spanning across genres with a masterful skill unparalleled by most, and unlike any. Her recent novel “Outpassage” is receiving avid MorrisSacredBand-001praise, while her “Sacred Band of Stepsons” series continues to prove that well-told tales of heroes, deities, love, war and steel do not have to be tired attempts to copy greats like Robert E. Howard, rather she takes off where he left off……

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