Book Review: Iron Song (The Nephilim Chronicles) by Travis Ludvigson

ironsongThis book is a historical fantasy story that brings to mind the epic Beowulf, or the earlier Norse and Danish heroes like Scyld and and Bodvar Bjarki (not that I am in any sense an expert on these things, only having read them on a very limited basis). It has the feel of an epic fantasy with an overall structure that is familiar in these types of tales.

The book is set in Denmark (and northern Europe) during the Viking age, when the Danes undertook raids throughout Christian Europe. It is infused with Norse mythology and magic (something that I have neglected during my reading of fantasy fiction, history and mythology—and, I must say something in which the author has sparked my interest).

The book is filled with action from the very beginning. And the author is very good at bringing the reader into it with great detail and wonderful description.

The main character, Soren, develops through the story from a young man into an accomplished warrior, blessed with the strength of the legendary berserkers. His character is fun to read and root for as he grows throughout the book in power and in wisdom.

But what I like most is the historical feel to this book. Despite the magic and mythology, or perhaps because of it, it undoubtedly has the feel of good historical fiction.   I recommend this book to anyone that enjoys character driven fiction, non-stop action, and wants to learn a little bit about the Danes.

Be sure to pick up your copy of this book, at amazon, here.

Be sure to visit the author’s website here.

Until next time, I’ll  keep the lantern lit.


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