Lore of the Crusader Series: The Star of The God.

The Crusader takes place in a rich world of fantasy known as Korannah.  the world is rife with monsters and magic and political intrigue and religious wars and deep several strong religions. In fact, the world of Konnarah has a very deep and detailed religious history which provides the basis for much of the storyline. I won’t attempt to delve into it too deeply in this first little teaser. This posting is dedicated to the Star and its meaning and use in ritual and symbolism.

Breaking wheelThe God it is said, in the Covenant, was Broken on The Star, his body interred on the Island of the Gods. But, they could not keep his spirit bound, which ascended to Paradise from the Godmount and cast out the Old Gods.

A Breaking Star is a torture device very similar to a medieval Breaking Wheel, except that the spokes of the wheel are structured in the design of a five-pointed star. Those being punished on the wheel are chained, legs, arms and head at each point. The execution then sets them to spinning and, as the victim rotates, crushes limbs with a heavy hammer, pole or other device.

The Temple of the Star has adopted the five-pointed Star as a symbol of The God’s sacrifice for the Absolution of Humanity.


The Five Pointed Star — The Star of the God. Symbol of The God.

The Temple of The God, in many of its Traditions and Rituals, use the five points of the star (and the center of the Star) to demonstrate the virtues expected of the righteous:

  1. Faith (heart)
  2. Temperance (forehead)
  3. Courage (right arm or shoulder)
  4. Generosity (left arm or shoulder)
  5. Diligence (left leg or hip)
  6. Humility (Right leg or hip)

Hope this little teaser was interesting to you.  Next time, we’ll talk a little about the Old Gods and maybe a little  history of Korannah too.

To learn more, purchase the prelude to the Series, The Crusader, Book One, here.

In the meantime, I’ll keep the lantern lit:


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