Book 2 of the Crusader Series On Its Way

I am excited to announce that Blue Eyes at Night (Book 2 to the Series) is on its way to final editing and should be available soon. All of you that have been patiently (very patiently) waiting for Book 2 will be pleased to know that it is only a matter of weeks.

This book is filled with just as much action and betrayal as the last one and continues to take us along on Aaron’s quest for self-fulfillment and redemption.

A little teaser blurb, with more to come:

Haunted by the ghosts and memories of his first foray into war, Aaron returns to the Holy Land trying to find redemption and peace of mind. He is met by more betrayal, murder and new enemies—and ones he once thought dead and buried.

More story tidbits to come.

Re-fresh with Book One, The Crusader—the Series Prelude:


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Aaron, on a Crusade to rid the Holy Land from unbelievers and their sorcerers, must face the truth of the Crusade and decide between losing himself and losing his soul.

In the mean time, I’ll keep the lantern lit.



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