Creative Process #1 – My Journal.

I may not be the most prolific writer that I know, but I write a lot. My day job takes much of my life, and my kids, who deserve all of me that they can get. But, every waking hour that I can pencil out time, I spend inventing things, alternate realities and fantastic worlds, creating dialogue or characters.

I find my inspiration in everyday things—newspapers, and pictures and things I see on the street. People I meet, or read about. From these things, I create my stories—the stories that are or will be posted on this website as books or otherwise.

When I was a soldier, I carried a rifle. During my day job, I carry a computer. Now, I carry a journal.

I carry it everywhere I go.

Here are some pictures of the damn thing:


This journal, or one very much like it—for I go through them like excrement through a goose—contains the basis—and much of the research—of every single story I have ever written.

You will find within it things like:

  • Articles that I have cut from papers or magazines and such.
  • Sketches of buildings or woodland settings or characters or weapons, or strange magical runes.
  • The scribbling of writings that will become words and paragraphs and chapters in my books.

It is the depository for all things that may—or more likely, may not—make into one of my stories.

When I sleep, I keep it by my bed.

When watching the tube, I keep it next to me.

When at work, I keep it in my briefcase.

When I am at my daughters gymnastics meets or practices, I keep it in my hand or with her gear (that I always seem to carry). I do this too at my son’s black belt sparring or competitions or at the movies with my awesome wife (who somehow puts up with it).

It has become as much a part of me as my wallet or my shoes.

I think that all authors have something like it, something to jot down, or memorialize a thought or idea or inspiration. This is mine. And this is how I do it.

Thanks for reading. Let me know how you keep your ideas from fading away.

As always, I will keep the lantern lit.


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