Book Review: Beyond the Rails by Jack Tyler

beyond the rails.This book is in the Fantasy Genre, in particular STEAMPUNK. I chose to read this book because I love steampunk fiction and all the steam and clockwork based science.Being Steampunk, this book is set in the Victorian Age (late 19th century). The truly unique part of the book is the physical location—Africa. It is deep and full of vibrant description of a place and time that is not often explored by authors. With the steam punk addition to it, I found myself mesmerized by the culture and people of the setting.The characters in this book are well written. I think that they are very much the strong point of the piece. I particularly enjoyed the banter between all of the players. it was largely a series of stop-off points all with individual cool adventures. Pretty nifty all-in-all.

Overall, I thought that this was a good book, and a fun read. I finished it up in just over 3 days, which says a loWebley Service Revolvert, given my schedule. I especially enjoyed the descriptions and technologies employed by the author, they provided me a great way to escape the doldrums of the office. Oh and — not many people know what a Webley .455 service revolver is. I am impressed.

You can  get his book here.
You can visit his  author’s website here.

I recommend everyone who likes steampunk read this book.

I’ll Keep the lantern lit.

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