Shade of Night: My New Book is Imminent.

My new book, Schade of Night is imminent. In for editorial evaluation right now, the book is making its way to the launching pad. But, until then, I will be letting you all in on the details as we move along. Here is a little teaser—some pseudo (still under construction) back cover copy:

In pursuit of a runaway debutant, Schade finds that she is really tracking serial killer of supernatural origins. When she finally runs him down in the frozen town of Black Butte, she discovers that she has more than one frightening connection to the man.  She is about to inherit a demonic bloodline that will doom her to a life of Darkness when her Soul Transitions on her 33rd birthday, the winter solstice.


shutterstock_68977510 (2)What Schade doesn’t know is that she has been lured to Black Butte by the killer. It has been his design to lure her to small mountain town all along.  There, he will recover an ancient artifact and use it to steel her budding power at the height of her Transition. Now, she must not only defeat the killer and destroy the artifact, but she must face a shadowy organization known as the Sentinels, which intends to enslave her for their own purposes.

I am hopeful to build a few books around this main character and a couple of her supporting cast.

Any hoo….I hope I got a little interest going. Please look for coming blogs on setting, character, plot and all that.  Maybe even a few excerpts.

(some of you out there may know what real town this fictional town is based on–but lets just keep that between us)

Let me know what you think, and as always, I’ll keep the lantern lit.lantern





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