Review of “The Crusader”

Review posted on SmashWords.

Review by: Alex James on March 19, 2014 : star star star star star
The Crusader by JP Wilder – 5 out of 5 stars

I actually downloaded the entirety of this book believing it to be the sample. I read the ‘sample’, enjoyed it, and was going to buy the book before I realised I already had read it all.

The story is 11,000 words, and I was very impressed. It read like a fantasy of the crusades. I particularly liked the heathen sorcery and Dark Men (assassins) aspects of this short story. I found it to be a twist that the Dark Men fought for the Crusaders and not the Saracens.

The story has a lot of fighting and a bit of betrayal. The action was fun to read, and I liked how it ended.

This book was free when I downloaded it from Smashwords. My only annoyance is that I felt I would have to download another book to read the continuation of this story.

Overall, if you like fantasy or the crusades then give this an immediate read!

Thanks Alex for the unsolicited Review!

And all of you who like Speculative Fiction (and even if you don’t), check out Alex’s books at his website here.

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