Zombie infestation? You may want this manual!

I don’t talk a lot about Zombies on this blog. But, I want to assure everyone that it is not because I don’t love zombie books and zombie stories.  In fact, zombies are a staple of gothic and horror fiction.  Obviously Mary Shelley’s famous zombie (though some might argue with me that he is a true zombie) Frankenstiein’s monster is the quintessential Gothic monster.  He has been the genesis of a thousand stories since then.

In the old days, Zombies represented the futility of humanity’s hubric trek to be gods.  They are the ultimate culmination of the futile pursuit of the God-power–determining life over death (or simply the Creation power). Even in much of today’s story telling, it represents the same thing.  One has to look no further than the wildly successful franchise, Resident Evil for that comparison.

But more and more, it is a subliminal attack on the state of our corporate culture.  Modern zombie masters are painting a bleak comparison between the walking dead—mindless creatures that pursue the simple act of eating for survival—to the millions of us walking the treadmill to work each day to work in a cube, faceless, nameless and pursing an existence of subsitence. The likeness is stunning.

But, I wanted to talk about surviving today.  Last week, I received a tweet from someone that I am following.  He has a website named Last Man(s) on Earth. It is really a well-made and fun video-tutorial on how to survive a zombie attack and infestation.

I found it pretty cool. I don’t think you want to employ the techniques in your daily commute when you find yourself among all the zombies driving the 405 freeway, but its fun nonetheless.   The creativity and thought that went into the survival manual only makes you appreciate it that much more.  I recommend you take a look.

Anyway, check it out. And when you come back, I’ll keep the lantern lit.

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