Vampires of a New Ilk: Blood Destiny

Read Blood Destiny by Tessa Dawn.  I think you will find it everything you want in a Vamp book.

Many moons ago, I downloaded a book for my kindle called Blood Destiny, written by Tessa Dawn.  I only recently read it (my reading list is entirely too long).  I must tell you that on my first blush, I was worried that it would be another one of these 21st century goodie-two shoes vampire stories.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Although the vampires are not what I would say are typical, Gothic, Dracula types, the story has its share of good old dark, and Gothic Material.  What’s more, the characters lure you in.  You find yourself involved with them before you are aware what really  happened.

If you like vampires, this is a good story for you.  I would suggest you download it and take a read.  It is an engrossing tale, and you will find yourself entrenched with all of the players.   Better yet, this is only the first book in the set. More are coming.

If you’re interested, take a look a the website, here.  I recommend it.

Until next time, i’ll keep the lantern lit.

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