Gothic Quotations: Jonathon Harker’s Journal #4

When asked what it takes to be turned to a vampire, I direct you all to Varney the Vampire.  or The Feast of Blood, by James Malcolm Rymer.  The work predates Dracula by a sight, and is a wonderful work on truly Gothic Vampires.  I would advise anyone who really loves the vamps to purchase this piece.  Published in 19th century Penny Dreadfuls, the work cannot compare to Dracula as literary, but the work is massive and fun throughout.  I daresay old Stoker may have drawn heavily from it….but I digress…back to the question at hand:

What does it take to be turned into a vamp?

And Varney would answer….

“Not once or twice will the vampyre‘s attack have sufficient influence on your mortal frame, as to induce a susceptibility on your part to become coexistent with such as he. The attack must be often repeated, and the termination of mortal existence must be a consequence essential, and direct from those attacks, before such a result may be anticipated. If you were to continue my victim…the energies of life would slowly waste away, and, till like some faint taper’s gleam, consuming more sustenance than it received…and then, Flora Bannerworth [or insert your name], you might become a vampyre.

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