Some Very Cool Contemporary Gothic–And Werewolves

I jumped into two new stories recently, both by authors thatI previously didn’t know told tales of The Gothic.  But, here they are:  I am in process of reading Fevre Dream by Geoge RR. Martin, and a I just finished a story by Cherie Priest, called, Dreadful Skin.

For those of you who don’t know these authors:

Cherie Priest recently published a series of great Steampunk novels, known as the Clockwork Century (three novels, entitled Boneshaker,
Clementine, and Dreadnought
, which are excellent reads in their own right). But before she was Steampunk, she published an acclaimed Southern Gothic Series, known as The Eden Moore Trilogy and the wonderful yarn I just completed,  Dreadful Skin.

Gerorge RR Martin, of course, is HUGE. He is the author of the Epic fantasy series, A Song of Ice and Fire and about a thousand other things. But, I had no idea he had written a Gothic Vampire book. But, he has.  And so far…it is great.  We’ll get to him in a later post.

Dreadful Skin:

The book is set in post-Civil War United states—all over the west to be exact.  It is about a Nun (Eileen), who struggles with a dangerous beast within herself and plays upon some similar structures as Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (one of my favorite Gothic Stories).  She has followed Jack the Ripper from England, to the United States where he fled, and somewhere along the way, she herself became infected.

Well…Jack is Werewolf who now plagues the US with his evil nature.  There is a dichotomy here between Eileen and Jack.  Eileen struggles against the dark nature within herself, even going as far as chaining herself up and using drugs and alcohol to help contain it.  But, Jack embraces the evil within.  It is a study human nature, and the importance of subduing or otherwise controlling ones evil desires (a classic Gothic theme).

I won’t ruin the story, except to say that it has many Gothic elements, including a massive steamboat that looms in the water, terrifying
storms that show up just in time to heighten the terror and even a damsel in distress.  The book is a lot of fun and keeps you running the whole time.  If you like Gothic, and you like Werewolves, go get this Yarn.  You won’t be disappointed.

Oh and by the way…her Steampunk stuff is great too!

‘Till next time—I’ll keep the lantern lit.

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