The Garage #5: A Shadow in the Darkness

I took a moment to gather my thoughts and refocus my fear-addled mind.  Leaning back into my seat, I found I’d been holding my breath again. I let it out with a great wind, sank deeper into the leather and concentrated on calming the rattling heart in my chest.  But the fear didn’t relent.  In fact, if it did anything, it accelerated.  A flash at my window drew me violently from my reverie—and the vision of that same face peering through the window, sent my heart to racing again. I closed my eyes, forcing the image from my mind. When I opened them, the face was gone.

I slipped the car’s shifter into reverse and instinctively glanced into my mirror. I had already looked back to the front when my mind registered what I had seen.  A black lump in the grayness behind me—my briefcase was left outside.    Hesitating, I looked back up into the mirror and saw something frightening in the gloom behind me.  A figure—tall, and strangely incorporeal—was stooped over my bag, as if it sought something within.  The figure moved unnaturally fast—a hazy black shadow, impossible in the darkness.

I watched, frozen in disbelief, as the creature twisted and stood up, turning its terrifying face towards me.  It looked human—yet not human.  His canine-like features were shadowed in a black cowl of a hood; his face was pale against the black.  I thought he might have been handsome in a savage sort-of a way, but his eyes glowed intense and red, a fire that burned like a torch.

A hungry grin spread across his face and a sudden feeling that I was being sized up for dinner descended on me.

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