The Garage #1: A Peculiar Feeling at the Entrance to the Garage…

One day last week, I left work late and I had a strange, unsettling experience…

I stood below the soaring parking garage outside my office tower on Wilshire. I looked upwards, contemplating its magnitude when a feeling of terror crept over me. It was late, and dark, and the waning gibbous moon hung low and blue in the sky…like the eye of the monstrosity, Cyclops, daring me to continue. I was heading to my car from work as I did every night, but the idea of entering the structure that night seemed suddenly foolish. A hundred things could happen to me within those concrete walls—and all of them flashed through my mind in grisly, bloody detail.

A movement and a brushing feeling startled me. I pulled away from it instinctively. But when I turned and looked no one was there. A light breeze crept over the darkened cityscape and the manufactured trees around the building waved spookily in the dim light cast out by the street light. Shadows reached ominously toward me, swaying in grotesque ways. Was it the wind that had me out-of-sorts? My mind was playing tricks on me.

For the shortest of seconds, I considered going back up to my office.  But that idea seemed childish. I’d gone into that garage a hundred times before—often times late at night. So, what was different tonight?

Nothing, I assured myself. Nothing at all.

Taking a moment to gather my courage, I breathed deeply and steeled myself. And then I stepped into the yawning darkness of the garage’s entrance.

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