Come, join me.

Welcome to the House of Decay. 

Here we will delve into the depths of The Gothic.  Not to be confused with the current crop of Goth and Emo kids that pay homage to the Gothic, but the Traditional Gothic.  Gothic Literature, (Radcliffe, Shelley, Stoker, Stevenson and the rest) is built on the notion of strong moral message and the inherent darkness of humanity.  It is a study in traditional values and the reinforcement of those values to defeat a hypothetical degenerate enemy. 

There is a place for the Goth here too, where the dark streets and empty warehouses define her existence and sweep her away to the sensational beat of industrial metal and the crush of a thousand faceless people grinding in a frantic, flashing Chaos.  

 Here I hope to share with you stories of The Gothic and see the Gothic in the monstrous constructs, nameless masses and the seemingly infinite flow of Souls around us.  It is a study in our insignificance.  Indeed the very size and scope of a modern American city incites a sense of the Sublime–terror achieved by the realization of our own lack of import. 

So, come join me as we look for meaning, we seek virtue, and we shudder from terror among the dark, angry Souls that seduce us to their degeneracy.

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